Breaking the cycle of poverty by educating this generation and the next

Founder and President, Worknesh Begi

Worknesh's passion for women-focused, community-centered development began under the influence of her mother-in-law.

At age 15, Worknesh quit school, married, moved in with her in-laws, and started a family. 

Her mother-in-law insisted that she continue school, despite the difficulties. Worknesh is so glad she took her advice!

It was difficult, but she persevered . . . and earned an Associate's degree, then started teaching Home Economics and Biology.

Her mother-in-law had an irritating habit. Every market day she would invite the poorest women into their home for coffee and conversation.

"Why bother with these worthless women!"

But over time Worknesh saw how this amazing woman's friendships and knowledge-and-wisdom sharing improved individual lives . . . and the whole community!

Now Worknesh dedicates her life to doing the same.

Worknesh spends most of her time in Ethiopia in volunteer mission, directing projects as Executive Director of the Ethiopian charity, TARKANFI SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.